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      1. ZeniPower  Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries 
        for Hearing Aids and Pagers

        ZeniPower (Zhuhai Zhi Li) Battery Co., Ltd. is the ONLY zinc air button cell battery manufacturer in China. With our over 30 years R&D and patented unique technology, you could be satisfied with our series zinc air batteries for the following applications: 

        Hearing-aid using zinc-air button batteries size from A675 to A10, you can expect fewer battery replacements, clearer tones, less distortion, fewer volume adjustments, and longer service life. 


        With metallic zinc as its negative electrode, oxygen in the air as its positive depolarizer and aqueous potassium hydroxide as its electrolyte, the zinc-air cell has the highest energy density of any battery system. It also meets the worldwide environmental regulations. More features as follows: 

        Super Long Service life 2-10 times longer than any other battery system. 
        Flat Discharge> Constant output voltage makes less adjustment of your hearing aid. 
        High drain output will power the most heavy duty hearing aid easily. 
        Excellent  sealed shelf  life up to three years shelf life sealed with tab. 

        We have exported full lines of our products to USA, Germany, Netherlands, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and many other countries. Many of them are OEM orders from world leading hearing aid manufacturers. In China, we have 80% market share. We provide the same quality batteries with just half of the price, why you still buying from other suppliers ?