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      1. From 2008 we invested into rechargeable lithium ion battery technology, and built a whole new modern factory manufacturing Li-ion soft pouch batteries and coin cells. We have the vision foresee the great future of Li-ion coin cell for the very small hearable and wearable market, even before the true wireless earbud or TWS headset emerged. A group of talented lithium battery experts gathered together, and our purpose is to provide top performane Li-ion button cell for hearable electronics, communication, and other wearable industry.

        True Innovation Li-ion Coin Cell

        Started 11 years ago, we are one of the two companies in the world starting R&D for the very small size Li-ion button cell or coin cell, for the emerging hearable markets. We have our own IPs  patented in US, Europe and China, since 2009. Our advanced design of the Li-ion coin cell provides highest energy density, highest reliability, and longest cycle life batteries in the industry, claimed and verified by our customers. We provided our Z55(1254) Li-ion batteries for the world first TWS wireless headset in 2015 and today we have world leading top companies as our customers, very satisified.

        Elites of Industry

        With our 11 years R&D and manufacturing history, we have highly experienced researchers, engineers and management team making such small Li-ion button cell, with their collective knowledge and know-how to make top quality batteries from the beginning of design and patent.

        Focusing and Improving
        Our Li-ion coin cell and Li-ion pouch cell products are focused on hearable markets, supplying to big OEMs for the hearing aid and TWS wireless earbuds manufacturers, to meet their special needs. We have been the top supplier with best product in this hearable market, and we focused for our customers on this technology.

        Highest Performance with Best Design
        We believe quality is our customer’s top priority. Our patented design is focused to having the highest performance, highest reliability and highest cycle life, with sophisticated inner structures for this purpose. Though the production automation becomes difficult by such design. Our customers are very happy by choosing our batteries in last 5+ years with highest performance, proved to be the best in the industry.