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      1. -Top Performance Hearing Aid batteries
        Top Performance Li-ion button cell for wireless earbuds TWS 

          ZeniPower (Zhuhai Zhi Li) Battery Co., Ltd. has been focusing 31 years on zinc air hearing aid batteries and 11 years on Li-ion button cell or coin cell technology.  Today we are one of the top hearing aid battery manufacturers in the world. Also we are the top performance Li-ion coin cell supplier to world leading hearing aid and consumer electronic companies, for wireless earbuds and TWS true wireless headsets. We have patented our technology in US, Europe and China, and we are distributing in more than 50 countries. Presently, we are supplying to USA the world's largest retail chain stores, and all the world's largest hearing aid manufacturers.

           Our factories are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified with more than 800 staff. With our experience as high quality battery manufacturer, we would like to be your OEM battery supplier with our best product and service. 

          At ZeniPower we have great vision of the industry and  focus on the future continuously.  Innovation, increased production efficiency, and customer attention will maintain our path of customer satisfaction and success.  Our delivery capability offers flexibility, choice of packaging, and prompt delivery.  Today, ZeniPower is a brand trusted by customers the world-wide!    

         Meet us in person, at the annual conventions & exhibitions of AAA in USA. and EUHA in Germany.   Contact with us today, for complimentary distributor samples.

           Over the years, we have developed exclusive patented battery technology and coupled this with automatic production lines and organization to achieve the ISO9001 strict management certification.  The results are very high performance, high reliability, and low cost for Zenipower's entire line of hearing aid batteries as well as lithium polymer rechargeable batteries.

          Since 2008 we have the vision of making very small rechargeable Li-ion button cells and we invested into lithium polymer/Li-ion battery technology, and had being built a whole new modern factory manufacturing all these batteries. We are one of the two earliest inventors started 11 years ago making these Li-ion coin cell or button cell in the world, widely used now for TWS or wireless earbuds. Today our true wireless headsets customers are  all world top brands with high satisfactory, thanks to our worldwide advanced IPs and our group of talented lithium battery experts. Our goal is to provide world top performance rechargeable Li-ion button cell batteries for the new era of wireless communication with TWS and wireless earbuds.